About the Firm

Eclipse Law Corporation is a new breed of entertainment law firm, dedicated to excellence and innovation. We distinguish ourselves from other entertainment firms by providing superior legal representation and by playing an unusually pro-active role in building our clients’ careers.


We specialize in the representation of writers, directors, producers, actors, executives and production companies. We also negotiate deals for the sale of motion picture rights in novels, comic books, interactive games, remakes, life story rights and similar properties.


We are aggressive and thorough attorneys with experience negotiating deals at every level with all the studios and networks. Our attorneys have stellar credentials and proven track records, possessing a broad range of expertise that includes talent representation, development work, production legal services and transactions involving complex independent and/or international financing. Regardless of the size or complexity of the matter, we always provide our clients with exceptional legal representation. We are highly responsive to our clients’ needs and make it a point to close deals in a timely manner.


Unlike most of our competitors, we do not delegate our clients’ work to junior attorneys and paralegals. The simple fact is that junior attorneys make mistakes and, furthermore, they lack the experience necessary to get the best deal. At Eclipse, only experienced attorneys handle client matters. As a result, our clients have air-tight deals and, quite often, because of the value we add during the negotiation process, our clients profit financially.


In addition to providing state-of-the-art legal services, we are actively involved in helping our clients achieve their financial and creative objectives. Our attorneys make it a point to become familiar with our clients’ work and to provide strategic advice to our clients when they require it. Utilizing our vast network of industry contacts, we make introductions and generate opportunities for our clients that they would not otherwise have. We work closely with agents and managers to ensure that our clients’ careers stay on track. Put simply, we are in the business of building our clients’ careers.


At Eclipse, our mission is to provide our clients with excellent legal representation and sound business advice. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can work together to help you best achieve your professional goals.