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Cannes: Foresight Boards Natural Disaster Movie ‘Inversion’

By Pamela McClintock

May 18, 2014

CANNES — Mark Damon‘s Foresight Unlimited has announced an ambitious new sci-fi epic about the loss of gravity in various regions around the globe. However, Inversion has yet to nail down a director or a cast.

Bragi Schut and David Arata — who co-wrote Children of Men, directed by Gravity filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron — authored the script.

Damon, CEO of Foresight, and Foresight president Tamara Birkemoe are preselling Inversion at the Cannes Film Market, and say they have struck distribution deals in Spain, Russia, Benelux, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Africa, Philippines and the Middle East, Turkey, India and Thailand. However, many buyers may wait for talent details before investing in the big-budget project.

Damon said Inversion will be will be released by a major Hollywood studio in the U.S., but wouldn’t reveal whether it is Warner Bros. (home of Gravity), Paramount, Fox, Universal, Sony or Disney.

Philip Lee (Cloud Atlas), Michael Nozik (Syriana) and Markus Barmettler (Conviction) are producing the movie, and are in active talks with a director, Damon said. Hong Kong’s Pegasus Motion Pictures is among the project’s equity investors.

“We are thrilled with the sales that Mark Damon and his Foresight Unlimited team have done,” Nozik said. “The market’s response has been so strong, it confirms this film is an original and incredibly fresh story that asks, what if gravity, the most taken for granted and least understood part of nature, betrayed us.”