About the Firm

Eclipse Law Corporation is an entertainment law firm dedicated to excellence and innovation. We distinguish ourselves by providing superior legal representation and by playing an unusually pro-active role in elevating our clients’ careers.

We specialize in the representation of writers, directors, producers, actors, animators, executives and production companies. We also negotiate deals for film and television rights in novels, comic books, podcasts, interactive games, remakes, life story rights and similar properties.

Our clients include numerous prominent and award-winning artists, many of whom we have represented since the beginning of their careers. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and to help them achieve their business and creative objectives in a smart and strategic way.

At Eclipse, all client matters are handled exclusively by senior counsel. As a result, our clients have air-tight deals and they profit financially from the value we add during the negotiation process. We take pride in the quality of our work as well as our personal approach to representation.

In order to best represent our clients, we get to know their work as well as their long-term goals. We interface closely with agents and managers to ensure that our clients’ careers stay on track.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to realize your vision.