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‘Nightshift’ Locks You Inside a Morgue – Where the Dead May Not Be Dead

By Tim Molloy

August 16, 2019

Our bodies sometimes still seem alive in the hours after we die, moving and even making sounds. Keep that creepy thought in mind as you watch our exclusive clip from Yam Laranas’ upcoming film “Nightshift,” which you can watch above.

The latest film from writer-director Yam Laranas (whose “Aurora” is now streaming on Netflix) closely follows a young woman working at a morgue (Yam Concepcion) who is trapped there by a harsh storm outside. Sleep-deprived and dealing with her own recent tragedy, she becomes alarmed by the sudden jerks and groans from the bodies around her. As a very long shift drags on, she begins to mentally  blur the line between the living and the dead.

Though she doesn’t believe in life after death, she begins to wonder if she’s living through the end of the world — while trapped at work. In a morgue.

Laranas likes his jump scares, sure. But he told TheWrap the more haunting questions are the ones about what happens to us in the period immediately after we die.

The film is expected to be released later this year. Laranas’ other past films include “The Echo,” “Patient X,” “The Road” and “Abomination.” Known for eerie, ethereal films, and fond of Hitchcockian flourishes, he once broke down for TheWrap exactly what it takes to make a horror movie — whatever your budget.

Yam Laranas is repped by attorney Rob Szymanski.