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Edo period Japan returns to anime with Blue Eye Samurai

October 12, 2023

Netflix released the trailer for the new anime Blue Eye Samurai, which will see the American actress Maya Erskine voicing the protagonist. Below the video.

The main character is Mizu, a mixed-race sword master who lives a life in disguise seeking liberation from revenge. She will be forced to face the misogyny inherent in his society to achieve her goals. She will therefore have to fight against prejudice, patriarchy and a whole host of experienced enemies.

The Blue Eye Samurai anime is created by Amber Noizumi and Michael Green, also executive producers and showrunners of the series. It is directed and supervised by Jane Wu, with Erwin Stoff executive producer, while the animations are produced by the Blue Spirit studios.

Available from 3 November on Netflix, here is the trailer that presents it:


Wu is represented by manager Tarik Heitmann and attorney Rob Szymanski.